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 Privacy Statement
The privacy and protection of the personal information of members and visitors are important to the administrator of the homepage of the Chair of Criminal Justice at Pusan National University(hereinafter, "homepage"), and the administrator collects the minimum personal information about users.

Personal information of members provided will not be transferred to any other third person or party by the administrator. However, the information may be disclose in case it is forced due process of any legislation legislated by the national government.

The administrator will always do best to avoid the leak of the personal information of memebrs, and enforces following Privacy Protection Policy.

Objective of Privacy Protection Policy
The objective of the Privacy Protection Policy is to safely operate the bulletin board installed on the homepage by protecting misuse of the personal information through full performence of duties imposed by the Terms of Use and related legislations.
Colletion and Use of Personal Information
The personal information of members are only used and collected for smooth operation of the bulletin board installed the homepage.

No one can write a posting on the bulletin board if he or she is not a logged on member. Also, some bulletin boards may not be read if you are not a logged on member, and on some other bulletin boards may not be read and written of you are not a logged on member(Membership Service).

The only reasons to operate the bulletin board by the membership system and to collect the personal information for operation of the bulletin board are to avoid any posting on the bulletin board that is vulgar(e.g. any commercial posting, any slander or insult with no basis) and, from that, to pursuit smooth proffer of information through the homepage.

For the regisration, following information is needed, and any information that is not listed will never be asked for collected: (1) Real Name, (2) Pen Name, (3) ID, (4) Date of Birth, (6) Affiliation(School and Major), (7) Student Number, (8) E-mail Address, (9) Home Phone Number or Cell-Phone Number.

The additional personal information may be collected in case of any survey for academic research. However, even if it would be the case, the personal information is to be collected under the condition of the voluntary participation and agreement of members and visitor.

All collected personal information is not to be used for any other purpose than the noticed purpose at the time of collection, except the case that the member agreed on the use of information and of one of following :

  1. in case the analysis of the survey is requested to the third person or party. However, in this case, the information shall be provided with proper manipulation, which will make the information unrecognizable.
  2. in case there is any special provision on any legislation.
Period of Possession of Personal Information
The personal information of members is managed by the administrator during the period of using the bulletin board. The information is to be immediately deleted when the objective of the collection of the personal information is achieved, except the case that the member agreed or that there is any special provision on any legislation.
Personal Information Drain Prevention Plan
The administrator, for the protection of the personal information, limits the number of the personal information administrator, and instruct and conduct the administrator not to be drained. Also, the administrator will take any possible assistant from the expert to avoid the drain of the personal information by the hacking of the third person or party, the robbery, and the loss.
Process to Inspect, Correct, Delet the Personal Information and to Retract the Agreement
Members are always able to request for the inspection, correction of the personal information, and retract the agreement of the use of the personal information. If the inspection, correction, or retraction of the agreement is requested, the administrator shall immediately stop using the use of information and settle the request according to the intention of the member.

The inspection, correction, deletion of the personal information and the retraction(or withdrawal) may be performed by following methods :

Collection of Minors' Personal Information
Any personal information of the minor under the age of fourteen is never to be collected. In case any minor under the age of fourteen registered, it will not be accepted and provide information will immediately deleted. This clause is applied even if the minor obtained the concent of the legal representative.
Settlement of Opinion and Dissatisfaction Related to the Personal Information
If there is any opinion or dissatisfaction related to the personal information, contact the personal information administrator via E-mail. The personal information administrator is to receive the opinion or dissatisfaction and immediately settle the problem, and inform the result via E-mail. The information of the personal information administrator is as follows :
Management of Cookie
The administrator may use 'cookie' to save and scan the personal information of members. However, each member may refuse to receive cookie itself or may set to pop up the notice each time of receiving cookie by changing the setting of the browser.

Cookie is to be installed at the time of registration or log in.

The administrator is able to perceive the scope of visitor, the frequency of visit, and the frequently openned pages through the cookie, and the visitor who does not allow the cookie may be impossible to use some of the services and functions provided on the homepage.

Request for the Mediation of Dispute Related to the Personal Information
Any member who wants the mediation of dispute related to the damage of the personal information may apply for a mediation to Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee(PIDMC). To reach PIDMC, try one of following :
Revision of Privacy Protection Policy
The administrator is able to revise this Privacy Protection Policy in case of any revision of related legislation or if it is necessary for the smooth operation of the homepage.
Special Notice to Members for the Protection of the Personal Information
The ID or the password shall be managed under each member's attention, and each member shall take full responsibility for any accident caused by his or her negligence.

Also, a careful consideration is necessary when the member provides the personal information for any people other than the administrator to participate any event or survey promoted by the third person or party. The information is to be used by the collector of the information, not the administrator, and the collector takes the responsibility of the management.

September 1st, 2003

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