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The Chair of Criminal Justice, PNU
The criminalists of high repute such as Prof. Heung-woo NAM, Prof. Jeong-Cheol YOUM, Prof. Zong Uk TJONG and so on have laid the groundwork for the Chair of Criminal Justice, PNU. Thereafter Prof. Bong-Tae KIM who taught 1969 ~ 1997 at the College and Prof. Gyoon-Bo KIM who served 1982 ~ 1999 at the Collge gave the Chair the appearance of today. The American style law school was launched in 2009. In this new education system the Chair is doing his best to perform his part.

The Chair pursues the criminal jurisprudence on the basis of the so called Functioning Rationalism (Zweckrationalismus). The main-current of criminal jurisprudence in the statute law countries asserts that it is based on parting from the Theory of Tendentious Act (die finale Handlungslehre). Nevertheless it depends still on the system of the Theory of Tendentious Act. But, the Functioning Rationalism sublates the controversy on the logical structure of things. This will understand and systematize each attribute of criminal acts from the standpoint of their functions in criminal policy.

The Chair follows, however, none of specific views as a dogma, but we are still ready to discuss with any other academic opinions open-hearted.

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