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The Academic Degrees by the Chair
LL.D. Degrees
Date Name Thesis Remarks
Aug. 2004 Hwa-Jin RYU The Criminal Liability of an Omitter based on his Preceding Act Prof. of
Youngsan Univ.
LL.M. Degrees
Date Name Thesis Remarks
Feb. 2001 Hwa-Jin RYU Drawing Money from a Cash Dispenser without Right Prof. of
Youngsan Univ.
Feb. 2002 Hye-Jin KIM The Admissibility of the Evidence collected through Wiretapping  
  Sang-Ryol LEE The Plausible Reason by Self Defense Doctor's Course, PNU
Feb. 2003 Seong-Jin CHOI The Collision between Interpretation Principles by Construction of Criminal Law: especially the Reversion of Proprietorship in Criminal Law Prof. of
Dong-Eui Univ.
Aug. 2004 Jae-Hwan JEONG On the Participation through Omission  
Feb. 2006 Mi-Young KANG Search and Seizure of Digital Evidence Doctor's Course, PNU
Feb. 2007 Mi-Ran BAE On the Property Damage by the Fraud Pretenses Lecturer, Ulsan Univ.
Aug. 2007 Ji Hyun KANG Zur Steuerstraftat von einer juristischen Person Lecturer, PNU
Feb. 2008 Ji Na KIM A Study on Plea Bargaining Doctor's Course, PNU
  Myeong Eun LEE Each Country's Probation Program and Improvement Guidelines for Korea's Probation Program Doctor's Course, PNU
Feb. 2015 Mi-Ra KIM CCTV ??? ????? ??? Prof. of PNU
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